Rake in the Savings on Fall Decor & Fashion

Fall Home Decor Thrift Stores Sunshine Coast BCHome decorators say that changing up your decor when the season changes can inspire adjustments in your everyday life. We take our cues from nature and changing up the colours and texture can help us adapt to the upcoming season — the shorter days and cooler temperatures.

Revamping your living space to reflect the rich hues of autumn and incorporate warmth in your home with pillows and blankets doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Thrift stores are the perfect one-stop shop for finding a unique home decor piece or a new accent pillow for less money.

Here are just a few ways you can bring a touch of fall into your life with a little help from your local thrift store:

1) Throw pillows and blankets add warmth and texture to your home. When the temperatures dip, pull out the fleece blankets and rich hued accent pillows. Not only will they take the chill off, but the texture encourages you and guests to curl up with a good book!


2) Dining or coffee table centerpieces adds a touch of seasonal charm to your family’s favourite rooms. Invite fall to take center stage for your next get together with a unique display of leaves, foliage and a home decor piece.

3) A scarf or hat is a great way to top off a fantastic fall wardrobe. Picking one that incorporates colours found in nature during the autumn months is a great way to embrace the seasonal change.

Pop into Community Services Thrift Store in Gibsons, BC and see what we have in store for you this fall. There is new inventory everyday.

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