Every Item Has A Story

Community Services Thrift Store - Gibsons BCPeople think thrift stores simply resell slightly used items at a discount to benefit local charities and organizations.

But that is only part of what we do. We are in the business of stories. As a volunteer, I get to hear stories from two different perspectives.

Every item donated to a thrift store has a story. The item was purchased as a wedding, a souvenir or even a “just thinking of you” gift. The dishes may have been purchased for a first apartment. The dress may have been purchased for the first job interview after college.

Owners donate their items when their lives are transitioning, such as downsizing or moving in with that special someone. Not all transitions are happy ones, such as divorce or the loss of a loved one. It is usually when a chapter in one’s life comes to an end that items are donated. The ending of a personal story.

But that isn’t the end of the story for the item.

Donations at Thrift StoresWhen an item is purchased at a thrift store, it is bought with a hope of a beginning. People are shopping for the perfect picture to hang in their new home. They are shopping for onesies for their fast-growing newborn. They are looking for a toaster for their new vacation rental.

People buy when their lives are in transition.

Every item has a story. Thrift stores are the transition house from endings to a new beginning — for items and people.

Visit Community Services Thrift Store to see what we have in store for you.


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