Save Big Bucks on Small Appliances

Second Hand Electronics Thrift StoreDVD player goes on the blink. Coffee pot stops brewing. The microwave shorts out.

It seems like when one small household appliance stops working, they all refuse to work. However, before you shell out big bucks to replace the small electronics in your home, consider a trip to the thrift store.

Community Services Thrift Store (731 North Road, Gibsons) has a variety of second hand electronics and small appliances. The devices are donated to the thrift store as people downsize their homes, eliminate clutter or as part of the grieving process after a loved one passes.

Each coffee maker, microwave, DVD player or bread machine is tested, cleaned and, in some cases, fixed prior to appearing on the store floor. In short, every small appliance is almost brand new.

Whether it is for your beachside cottage or an emergency replacement for your kitchen appliance, Community Services Thrift Store has something in store for you!


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