Thrift Tips: Shoe Shopping

Thrift stores are the go-to location for people looking to save money on home decor, books, clothing and even dishes — but shoes? Absolutely.

Shopping for Secondhand Shoes - Thrift Stores - GibsonsBCPeople buy shoes for one-time events like a sister’s wedding or job interviews. They purchase shoes that felt and looked amazing at the store — but fail to impress at home.  What do you do with barely worn shoes?

That’s where Community Services Thrift Store comes in! Think of us as Tinder for shoe lovers! Men’s, women’s and children shoes are our specialties.

Thrift stores and second-hand shops are a great way to get a new pair of kicks at a discount.

Shopping for Shoes Community Services Thrift StoreStaff and volunteers have a list of things to look for when inspecting donated footwear.  Here is what we look for . . . And what you should look for when shopping for secondhand shoes:

  1. Examine each pair for wear and tear, especially along the top and along the outside near the heel.
  2. Check the soles for excessive wear or bald spots.
  3. Look for stains or damage on the top of the shoe.
  4. Check the inside heel for wear. It’s hard to create new “grooves” in well-worn shoes.

Shopping for shoes? Come see what we have in store for you at Community Services Thrift Store!


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