Glassware on a Thrift Store Budget

Glassware Thrift Stores Community ServicesWhether you are planning a summer celebration or moving into your first home, glassware is a necessity that is often overlooked.

For many, as long as the vessel holds liquid, many people pay little attention to the glassware. However, it is the little details that make a house a home — or a cocktail mixer a party.

Glassware can carry a hefty price tag in home decor stores or the big chains (like IKEA), especially for funky glasses that will add character to your home.

A great alternative is to seek unique pieces from your local thrift stores. Often times, full piece glasswares are donated when others downsize their home or move across country. Vintage pieces often fill the shelves as people update their collections and donate the older ones.


Glassware found at a thrift store, garage sale or flea markets are friendly on your budget and it’s a bit of fun hunting for the perfect set.

Couple of tips when thrifting for your next glassware set:

  • Be sure to check for chips, scratches and hairline fractures. This will be a weak point in your glass and will break easily.
  • Don’t feel rushed. People feel they have to purchase the set of 5 today. Wait. Eventually a full set of six will be donated. Half the fun in thrifting is antipating finding the perfect buy, not the “will do.”
  • Looking for something specific? Ask the thrift store manager to look out for Collins glasses. Often times, they will take your name and number and call when an item comes in.
  • Try. Try. Try again. Don’t just pop in once and think that is all. Thrift store inventory changes daily. Keep popping in. They don’t call it thrifting for nothing.

Come see what we have in store for you at Community Services Thrift Store!

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