Share Your Thrift Store Story!

Every donation, purchase, and customer have a story to tell. Community Services Thrift Store wants to hear your thrift store tale! 

Share Your Story with Community Services Thrift StoreThe Community Services Thrift Store resells gently used donated goods. However, we also hold the stories for many families here on the coast.

Every donation comes with a story. We hear stories about a unique item that has been in the attic for decades. We are told about the recent passing of a loved one and their obsession with snow globes. We have heard tales of adventure, sorrow, and love.

Each item carries a story with it as it starts a new chapter with a new owner. Customers tell us grand tales about why they need a new DVD player after an incident involving oatmeal. We hear about the newest invention that needs a special cable or a collage that is missing one key element.

Community Services Thrift Store wants to hear your story. We want to hear what the thrift store means to you. We want to know about the unique item you took home. We want to know why you love thrift stores.

Share your story by emailing Julian at, posting it in the comments below or sharing it on our Facebook page at 

Please note before submitting that the stories you share will be posted on our blog and/or social media platforms.

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