Thrift Store Tips: Trying On Jeans with No Dressing Room

You stumble upon a pair of to-die-for jeans at a thrift store, flea market or garage sale.  The size tag is cut out and there is no dressing room. How do you know if the jeans are going to fit?

Don’t put them back on the rack. We have a way that will help you decide if those pair of jeans were meant for you with three quick tests.

The Waist

thrift store pants try on no dressing room

Holding the waistband’s side seams in each hand, drape the jeans over your back like you are putting on a cape.

The pants will fit around your waist if there is a slight overlap of material. If it overlaps by more than a inch or two, they will be too big. If there is no overlap, the pants are too small.

Another thing to keep in mind, if they are low-waisted jeans, you may need more overlap around your neck to compensate for the fact that the “waist” will be far lower on your body than other pants.

The Hips


Hold the pants where they are widest in the hips  across your chest — shoulder to shoulder.  Are your shoulders wider? Then the pants may be too small for your hip region. The opposite is true if the garment is much wider than your shoulders.

If they are just slightly wider,  the jeans will fit just right.

The Length

Trying On Thrift Store Pants

Locate where the seams come together in the crotch area and hold it to your own crotch area to check the rise.  Where do the top of the pants hit? Your waist? Hip? Where do you want the top to reach?

Where do the bottom of the pants hit? Your ankle? Calf? The floor? Are they long enough for you?

This trick may not work for all of us. However, it will give you an idea whether those jeans were meant for your closet or not.

Good luck!

Got a clothing tip to pass on? Let us know in the comment section below.

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